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We're a happy bunch and a joy to do business with. Hence the no grey suits and no mumbo jumbo. We keep it simple. That seems to work well.

Case studies - Here's a taster

We’d love to shout about who we work with, but they’re a little bit shy. So here are some mini-case studies on our business partners which give you a little taster about what we do without revealing too much about what they do.

Business Partner A

Through an existing contact APS was contacted to assist in the day to day running of a receivership portfolio, where our expertise was required to undertake the management in the portfolio.

In June 2009 APS received the initial instruction comprising around 150 properties which over a four year period has grown to a total of approximately 650 units.

The properties involved often require maintenance works to be carried out, using local contractors we have been able to improve the quality of the portfolio whilst working to the strict limitations of working with a receiver and a bank. Having tough controls within APS means all quotes and invoices have to be signed off by a manager; this ensures both value for money and consistency.

Arrears on the portfolio can be a significant challenge, through dedicated resource we have achieved a significant improvement of the arrears profile which continues to improve as new lettings arranged by APS are put in place.

We have established relationships with local sub agents which assists in reducing voids and enhancing income by securing good quality tenants.

Our dedicated portfolio management system ensures each case manager at Client A has a direct point of contact creating consistency and accuracy when dealing with properties and tenants and mitigating delays in rectifying issues and clarifying our client’s requirements. As with all our portfolios Client A has dedicated voids and arrears co-coordinators to ensure this aspect is kept under tight control alongside the day-to-day property management.

Business Partner B

APS won the Client B contract after a tough tender process with 4 other national managing agents in November 2009. Taking on the management of the entire portfolio located across the country totalling over 900 properties. The portfolio was previously managed by 7-8 local managing agents that did not provide the client with accurate MI or maintain the viability of the portfolio as a whole.

Over the past 18 months APS has been able to reduce the void properties from 100 units to 35 and also substantially reduce the arrears level from £200k to £100k. By implementing process and check points we have been able to ensure that the portfolio is visible to our clients and internally to the portfolio managers.

The portfolio is now turning a rent roll on average of £480k per month providing a healthy income stream to the client.

We are also working to dispose of properties through a fixed disposal strategy and, working with local estate agents, we have sold a number of properties in the last 12 months making a surplus profit for the client after costs have been deducted.

Business Partner C

Andrews took over part of our portfolio at a time when we had been struggling with the existing managing agent.

What impresses us most is their eagerness to get their processes and procedures working in line with our own which at times can be complex and challenging as we are very demanding!

We have gradually given Andrews more of our portfolio to deal with and they in turn have put in place a dedicated member of their team to deal with our properties which has improved the communication between the two companies.

We are always reviewing our portfolio and assuming the levels of commitment and dedication to our portfolio continues, then we will be passing over further properties for Andrews to manage.

We love to talk property

It's our favourite subject. APS business partners are guaranteed a warm welcome when they drop by at the Core – APS' HQ. We work in beautiful surroundings in a small market town between Bristol and Bath. We’re completely open, nothing's hidden.

You can undertake a quality review or check our progress against your service level agreement. Whatever works for you – we’re always pleased to see you.